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The Rayner Foundation Gateway Project 2023

Rayner Foundation Charity continues with GateWay Project after successful launch in 2022

The Rayner Foundation is working towards supporting as many talented riders as possible in 2023 and will continue with the Gateway Project. This is in addition to the regular scheme, whereby U23 riders receive support to go live and race in Europe.

The scheme aafforded almost 200 individual opportunities to race in Europe in 2022. This was executed by 10 different teams travelling on 33 separate trips.

The scheme is open to Junior Men Teams, Junior Women Teams, and Senior Women Development Teams.

Keith Lambert, founder member and Trustee of the Rayner Foundation, is gratified with the success of the scheme last season and welcomes the opportunity to support more riders in 2023. “ The experience of racing in Europe is seen as a necessity in the development of ever-younger riders. This project will assist more British riders who can hopefully progress to become future professionals”.

THE RAYNER FOUNDATION is a registered Charity since 2019.

Previously known as the Dave Rayner Fund since 1994

On Twitter @RaynerFnd

On Instagram @raynerfoundation

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