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Several of our 2021 intake of riders have made it through the season despite all the disruptions and appeared at the National Championships which were held in Lincoln a few days ago.

Leo Hayter, Lewis Askey, Josie Nelson and Osar Onley were the 4 riders that took full advantage of the first chance to race for National Honours in two and a half years.

Leo Hayter (centre) winner of the U23 Time Trial with Oscar Onley third (right) Also in the pic is Ben Turner who was 2nd

Lewis Askey (left) second place and Leo Hayter (right) third place in the U23 Road Race. also in the picture is the winner of the race Fred Wright

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Josie Nelson (left was second in the Womens Elite and U23 Road Race Championship which were run concurrently. Also in the picture were winner Pfieffer Georgi and Jos Lowden who was third

Lewis Askey (left) and Leo Hayter (right) either side of winner Fred Wright in the Mens U23 Road Race

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