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Una educación española for Dylan

Dylan Westley has been quietly going about his Spanish Education for the last four years.

The Yorkshire man has spent all his u23 career with the same team, Equipo Finisher, based in Pamplona. A slow start due to Covid disruption meant his learning process was perhaps slower than it should have been but he is now ready to launch himself into the next stage.

He talked to The British Continental recently "Yorkshire cyclist Dylan Westley reflects on his successful season in Spanish amateur racing with team Equipo Finisher. He discusses his adaptation to Spanish culture and racing style, his progression as a punchy climber, and his aspirations for a professional future."

photo Oskar Matxin

Victoria a Circuito Aiala Ammurio photo Oskar Matxin

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We wait to hear what the next step is for Dylan, maybe he will let us know at the Rayner Foundation Dinner on 11th November..

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