The Rayner Foundation is supporting as many riders as possible in 2022 and has conceived of an initiative where specific British teams can apply for a grant to subsidise the cost of a racing trip to Europe.


These trips must be undertaken with the express aim of allowing British riders to gain experience of racing abroad with the eventual dream of becoming professional cyclists.



  • Junior Men Teams

  • Junior Women Teams

  • Senior Women Teams but with a concentration of U23 riders


All riders on a particular trip must be British nationals.

  • Each grant must be applied for separately using the supplied application form.

  • Payments will be made just before departure.

  • The grant is not intended to fund the entire cost of the trip but to contribute to the costs.

  • The Rayner Foundation does have a vehicle for hire suitable for transporting up to 9 people and bikes; please enquire for information.


Please note that even if you do not have all the information to complete the form fully (e.g. race entries not confirmed yet), make a preliminary application and follow up when more information becomes available.


The Rayner Foundation Committee will decide on each application, and that decision will be final.


By awarding these grants, The Rayner Foundation will not be responsible for any technical aspects of the trip, which must fall wholly under the responsibility of the Team Manager.


Riders and Teams will be expected to promote The Rayner Foundation via their social media channels – further details can be supplied later to those successful applicants.


We would also ask Teams and Riders to be mindful of the fundraising aspect of The Rayner Foundation, and any opportunity that can be found to encourage public support will be appreciated. Please visit our Donations page and please consider sharing it.


To apply for a Gateway grant please download this Google Sheet and complete it, then please email it back to Joscelin Ryan at

THE RAYNER FOUNDATION has been a registered Charity since 2019.

Previously known as the Dave Rayner Fund since 1994